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When I was growing up in my native Texas, I always had a passion for taking pictures, but I never actually thought about pursuing photography until someone, somewhere, at sometime asked:

"well, why not?"

Now, years later, I finished my Bachelor in Fine Art Photography at the University of Texas at Arlington and currently freelance in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex.

I've truly embraced my enthusiasm. I have a hunger for knowledge, which has cultivated my technical photographic skills, while my desire to succeed promises my heart is in my hand every time I press the shutter button.

My goal is to make every picture I take better than the one before. My clients are my foremost priority, and I thank each and every one that I've had thus far for granting me the opportunity to grow and become a quality photographer. As always, I appreciate your referrals, and I look forward to meeting new people to work with every day.

What happens when you ask me to open my eyes in the sun.

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Rasy Ran -- how do you pronounce that?
"Rasy," which rhymes with sassy, or Lassie. And "Ran"? Just as easy as you imagine. I hope.

And your photography style?
I enjoy clean compositions, deep contrasts, clear focal points and natural or artificial lighting where I see fit. I understand formals are important, and shoot those as requested, too.

What equipment do you photograph with?
I use a Canon R3 as my primary coupled with the 24-70 L as a standard walkaround. I also bring along a 5D Mark IV, 35 1.4, 16-35L F/4 IS, 70-200L 2.8 IS II, 50 1.4, along with wireless triggers, flashes and strobes.

Do you have an assistant?

It depends on the type and scale of the commission. Sometimes I'll work alone if the type of work calls for it. Weddings will always have at least one assistant.

What about traveling?
I'm a fan of the open air, road and sea. Traveling fees may apply.

What do I wear to a typical portrait session?
2-3 outfits, one for each location. Express yourself individually; for couples, complement each other. Avoid heavy patterns and clothing with words.
Envision yourself looking at the photos 10-20 years from now to retain a more time-tested look.

I'm holding a non-traditional wedding, what's your take?
Love is love, no matter what.

You can view reviews on my WeddingWire storefront. Peek over on Facebook, too. If you'd like to look at galleries of a type of session to see a typical workflow, feel free to contact me.

What do your fees start at?

Automotive sessions start at $325 and go up depend on level of details and scope of work.

Full wedding commissions start at $2600. I've also packaged them together with bridals and/or engagements, albums, etc. E-mail me for details.

Portraiture sessions start at $400. Wedding and portraiture commissions include an online gallery and print-usage rights. Texas sales tax of 8.25% is not included in these rates.

Holding a small ceremony? Event coverage? Need headshots? Just a photobooth setup? Talk to me.

What about coverage other than weddings and portraiture?
I'm always on the lookout for projects, contracts and visual stories that capture my interests.

Why should you be brought onboard?

Taking photographs isn't the challenging part, anyone can learn, really -- it's reading personalities, gaining trust and building a relationship that takes more work. Being in this business, I learned that long after the work is done, it's the impressions of how I made my clients feel.

If you feel I'm a good fit, have more questions, or just want to say hello, drop a line at rasy@rasyran.com, or call me at 469-952-8571.

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Now that you know a little bit about my work ethics and drive, I will list a few personal things so you can know me better:

My sons, Walter and Arthur, are my latest photo subjects.

I believe in staying active. Working from home can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, so I step out when I have time. It's a fantastic way to re-energize.

I'm a big fan of the automotive world. In fact, I got started in photography through photographing cars. I'll spend brief moments in a car session from time to time shooting for auctions like Bonhams, RM Sotheby's, and Bring a Trailer.

Growing up on Asian foods, I like my food spicy when I can get it. Even if I'm sweating profusely, I'm still enjoying it.

I'm a fan of craft beers and support local Texan breweries such as Lakewood, Four Corners, Peticolas and Rahr to name a few. I prefer browns and chocolate stouts. I have taken photos for Beer Drinker's Society, an online blog promoting craft beers, so you'll probably see me at a release event around D-FW.

I'm engrossed in shows at the moment like Abbott Elementary, The Last of Us, and Physical: 100.

Some of the music I enjoy include: Cuco, Youth Lagoon, Dredg, Bjork, The Strokes, Cults, Explosions in the Sky, Of Monsters and Men, Childish Gambino, The XX, and Real Estate.

I play Magic: The Gathering. Easy to learn, hard to master.

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